Steven A. Slabine

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Mr. Steven A. Slabine, Founder, CEO and President, has been manufacturing haircare and health & beauty aid products since the 1970’s. His career started at LT Laboratories, Inc., which manufactured several lines of combs and brushes that were distributed worldwide. He went on to develop and sell a myriad of haircare and health & beauty aid products that began with the LT Trim Comb, Tan Pads, Dip N Strip nail polish remover and the Glide shaving product brands. He participated in the acquisition of Chatham Labs Denclenz, Shy Feminine products, RD Hair Coloring for Men, the Brighton products and the Sal-Hepatica brands. During the mid-1980’s, Mr. Slabine developed about 200 haircare products for Jhirmack Salon Corp./Pantene Professional dba Pantresse Corp. In 1991, he co-founded Plackers Corp. where he developed and sold several lines of single-use disposable oral care devices, which eventually dominated the US market and led to the manufacturing of more than two billion units sold under the Plackers brand as well as Oral-B under private label. In 1992, Mr. Slabine founded SAS Laboratories, which later merged with Lordan Laboratories where he manufactured haircare accessories, first aid products and oral care products that were distributed to about 40,000 stores. During this period, the company created the original Plakettes dental flossers, Dr. Mikey’s dental flossers for kids and the original reusable hot/cold gel-therapy products including the Cambridge and Newport eye masks, eyelid masks and full-face masks. These branded products and more than fifty other products were made under private label and sold on a global basis to the leading retailers and OEM accounts. Before founding Euroscience USA, Inc., Mr. Slabine worked as a sales executive for a multi-national haircare company in Bergamo, Italy.


Mr. Slabine’s vision is to provide his highly valued customers with products and customer service that exceed their expectations.


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