The Conduit Group International (CGI)             a Division of Euroscience USA, Inc.


CGI was created to help companies worldwide bring a new product or one or more product lines to the market place within the consumer packaged goods (CPG) personal care (oral care, beauty) and general merchandise categories with a focus on encouraging consumer trial and a high re-purchase cycle thus maximizing sales and the bottom line (ROI) while minimizing risk. CGI has also served as a corporate plastic surgeon that will make old products new again by repackaging, reformulating, updating and improving them. CGI’s services include sales and marketing, product creation from concept, product development, vendor sourcing, legal/patents-contracts, graphic design, packaging, 3rd party manufacturing, automation when appropriate, pricing initiatives, research and analytics, advertising, logistics-distribution, operations and sales presentations including sales calls using an elite broker network.

CGI utilizes appropriate sales and marketing, forensic market intelligence, business analysis, POS data analysis, forecasts for sales planning, finance, technological management systems, logistics including supply chain management, shipping and inventory control, out of stock analysis (OOS), PO management, tracing, monitoring and customer service. All of the above are required to successfully operate ones business. CGI acknowledges that a total mix of each and every required component is essential to successfully bring a new product, or one or more new product lines, to the CPG industry. CGI addresses strategic and operational challenges to optimize business performance to create a competitive advantage.

CGI recognizes that the product from concept through development coupled with the appropriate sales and marketing mix is critical to ensure the product or product lines’success. For this reason, CGI places significant emphasis on defining the product(s) with respect to making it better than the product(s) already in the market place. This focus is the foundation for which all other aspects rely on. Creating a “point-of-difference” is CGI’s most valuable area of expertise, which is the most critical requirement with respect to creating and developing  product(s) that will set it apart from the competition whether it be for plan-o-gram merchandise, promotional, both or chain account bids for branded and/or private label products.

CGI recognizes that many of the products selected to be commercialized are based on several factors including, but not limited to, high fashion, trends and fads and therefore are subject to rapid changes in consumer tastes. These types of products usually have relatively short life cycles while other products with longer life cycles are more basic in nature and are unlikely to be subject to rapid changes in consumer tastes, which are generally longer term and less apparent. CGI has been used in certain instances as a corporate undertaker who assists in the re-packaging and re-positioning of old tired products or entire product lines making them new again thus extending the life cycle of a product or product lines. CGI has also been employed to take existing products or product lines and re-position them for new alternative channels of distribution. CGI services the premier mass-market accounts including chain-drug, mass merchandisers, food, professional industries, specialty accounts and select large OEM accounts. CGI’s sales focus includes branded products, private label products and products made under OEM.

CGI recognizes that by contracting out the manufacturing of its product, it significantly reduces overhead, but the company becomes reliant on its 3rd party contractors. It is CGI’s belief that by keeping overhead to a minimum and having one extremely strong vendor or even two vendors, the company is more flexible to invest in sales & marketing whereby growth is a function of account acquisitions and new product introductions. This business model provides for a significant price advantage over the competition.

CGI will “uncomplicate” the task of deciding which products make it to the market and which ones do not, and for those that do how it should be done. CGI uses proprietary research tools to determine which products or product lines offer low risk with significant potential and which products or product lines offer high risk with limited potential. In each instance, CGI begins with a creative approach and concludes with a finished product packaged and ready to market.

CGI understands that regardless of how knowledgeable or experienced, no product or sales manager, buyer, purchasing agent, category manager, product development manager, designer, packaging or marketing professional can have all the facets of the packaging industry at his or her fingertips. CGI, however, has all the necessary vendor associations at its disposal for its clients.

CGI makes recommendations as to the most efficient and cost-effective method(s) in which to bring a product, a product line or multiple product lines to the market place and ultimately to the consumer. There are several vehicles and methods to choose from depending on the client’s specific objectives.

From product creation through sales and marketing of a finished product(s), CGI will make suggestions to maximize the success of the product or product line(s) while taking into consideration the bottom line while minimizing risk.

CGI is committed to providing the very highest level of personalized customer service possible exceeding clients’ expectations. CGI has provided service to companies from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies for more than 30-years.

For an in-depth analysis and quote, please contact CGI. We will provide an “uncomplicated” price competitive solution to help you achieve your business objectives.

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