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We, at Euroscience USA, Inc., are a manufacturing, sales and marketing haircare company that specializes in the science of beauty combining the most innovative and scientifically-effective ingredients from nature sourced from around the world with advanced technologies to bring the consumer, whether at home or at the salon, cutting-edge, premium-quality products at competitive prices for naturally beautiful, healthier hair.
Our breakthrough Micro-Emulsion Technology Delivery System is leading the way for healthier hair.  In fact, one might say, we, at Euroscience, are revolutionizing the haircare industry.  As manufacturers, we utilize proprietary Micro-Emulsion Technology to formulate special haircare applications for weekly use in place of conditioner. Unlike most conditioners and shine products that coat the hair’s surface with silicone-based (aka plastic/oil-based) formulas, which have large molecules that are unable to penetrate the cuticles and provide only an “illusion” of shine (aka a reflection from the silicone-based formula), our high-tech applications are formulated with non-silicone-based nanoparticles (extremely tiny molecules) that actually penetrate and permeate the hair cuticles with specially-selected, beneficial ingredients from nature for healthier hair with authentic “natural” shine. 


Besides offering non-silicone-based products of the highest quality with ingredients from nature, our products are free from sulfates, parabens and phthalates for hair that has an ultra-fresh, ultra-light, tangle-free, soft and silky finish. To sum up, our products provide flawless performance, instant results, healthier hair with unprecedented “natural” shine. 


As a manufacturing, sales and marketing company, we are socially conscious through our brands by educating consumers about having healthier hair as part of a healthy lifestyle and highlighting causes especially important to us such as Alzheimer’s Disease and Dyslexia Awareness. We are environmentally conscious by packaging our products in recyclable bottles, vials and boxes. We also provide reusable merchandising vehicles. Our products are proudly manufactured in the USA. 


THE CONDUIT GROUP INTERNATIONAL (CGI) helps US and non-US companies bring products to the mass market and professional accounts. At Euroscience USA, Inc., we highly value our customers and strive to exceed expectations.

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