Operational Components

Six essential components...

Research & Development: R&D is carried out by experienced chemists located in the USA and abroad. Euroscience's R&D associates represent a highly skilled team of haircare professionals including researchers, chemists and laboratory technicians who are knowledgeable in the latest scientific discoveries, raw materials and product testing. Product research is conducted by way of collecting data from different ethnic groups within multiple age groups. Product testing is carried out using the most advanced laboratory instruments to ensure for compliance and long-lasting superior performance.


Manufacturing: Euroscience’s manufacturing site occupies three buildings with a total of 77,000 square feet. The entire facility includes 3,000 square feet of office space, 17,000 square feet for 16 filling and decorating lines and 4,500 square feet for compounding. The remaining 52,500 square feet is dedicated to additional production/packaging, warehousing, staging and shipping. Euroscience’s manufacturing facility is equipped with lines for manufacturing liquid products including shampoos, conditioners, masks, serum/shine products, styling aids and hairsprays. Annual production capacity for Euroscience’s vials is 30,000,000 units per year (100,000 units daily/2,500,000 monthly) with significant expansion capabilities.


Distribution Center: The company’s 50,000 square ft. distribution center is strategically located within the USA to meet the needs of Euroscience's customers.  company’s 50,000 square ft. distribution center is strategically located within the USA to meet the needs of its customers. company’s 50,000 square ft. distribution center is strategically located within the Quality Control: Euroscience maintains a process of QA/QC controls. The product formulas and raw materials used conform to the laws of all applicable local, state, federal and international agencies. The quality control process is applied to all levels of production including the inspection of raw materials, packaging components, in-process materials and finished products.


Regulatory Affairs: All Euroscience’s products strictly comply with all rules and regulations governing the production and marketing of its haircare products within the USA and the countries it services. Its Regulatory Affairs Department integrates the process beginning with product creation/formulation through development ending with finished product and sales. This department regularly updates the current regulations governing the sale and distribution of all the products it manufactures in the countries it services. Euroscience’s Regulatory Affairs Department provides all the necessary documentation to register its products as required within the USA, Ministries of Health and other agencies.


Sales & Marketing: The company’s Founder has served as an industrial partner to some of the most important haircare, HBA and pharmaceutical companies in the world. Euroscience provides its customers including retailers, wholesalers and private label accounts with turnkey solutions. Euroscience also provides its products direct to consumer through its website and online partners. All the company's products have superior packaging to encourage trial and a high repurchase cycle. Euroscience is committed to meeting or exceeding its customers’ expectations with exceptional products and customer service.

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